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In a world where creativity knows no bounds, artisans and artists have long been the heartbeat of vibrant cultures and rich traditions. Their handmade crafts, infused with passion and skill, have enchanted the global community for centuries. Yet, despite their profound contributions, many artisans face numerous challenges, from lack of exposure to unfair compensation. Today, we are excited to unveil a transformative rebranding initiative that will change the landscape of the handicraft sector forever – welcome to AFOMA Marketplace, a platform that carries the emblem of goodwill!

The Birth of AFOMA Marketplace: A Marketplace Reimagined

We rebranded to AFOMA Marketplace to unite and simplify the diverse creative talents and craftsmanship landscape. Through consolidation, we eliminate confusion, fostering an inclusive and empowered community under one ecosystem brand.

SELLITIC as a brand will cease to exist and only continue as a corporate entity.

A Marketplace Embracing the Essence of “Goodwill”

At the core of AFOMA Marketplace lies the idea of “goodwill.” We believe that when artists and artisans from emerging markets connect with the global community, they bring forth not just their skills but also a spirit of goodwill. This connection transcends borders, languages, and cultures, inspiring positive change across the artisanal community.

An artisan painting a ceramic cup

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Empowering Creators – A Beacon of Possibilities

AFOMA Marketplace aims to transform the lives of artisans worldwide by offering a plethora of invaluable opportunities:

Eliminating Barriers for Inclusion

We dedicate ourselves to breaking down barriers for artists and artisans in emerging markets. AFOMA Marketplace provides a level playing field, enabling these talented individuals to showcase their craft to a global audience, irrespective of geographical limitations.

In many regions, talented artisans are hindered from reaching their full potential due to factors such as lack of access to technology, limited marketing capabilities, and cultural isolation. The AFOMA Marketplace addresses these issues by providing a user-friendly digital platform that bridges the gap between local creators and a worldwide audience.

Imagine a skilled ceramicist from a remote village in India or a talented bracelet maker from a small town in Nigeria, whose creations remain hidden due to limited exposure. With the AFOMA Marketplace, these creators will be able to connect directly with consumers from major cities across the globe.

A Set Of Bracelets

Enabling Direct Access to the Global Market

Gone are the days of intermediaries and obscured pathways to success. With AFOMA Marketplace, artists and artisans can directly connect with a global audience, expanding their reach and unlocking new horizons of creativity and commerce.

In traditional marketplaces, middlemen not only take a significant portion of the earnings but also distance creators from their customers. However, AFOMA Marketplace’s direct-to-consumer approach facilitates meaningful interactions between artisans and buyers, creating an intimate and authentic shopping experience.

This direct connection enables artisans to receive immediate feedback and insights from customers, helping them tailor their products to meet evolving preferences. By cutting out unnecessary intermediaries, AFOMA Marketplace empowers artisans to take control of their business and build lasting customer relationships.

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Unveiling Transparency for Sellers

Transparency is the cornerstone of AFOMA Marketplace’s ethos. Unlike conventional platforms, we are committed to shedding light on the costs and processes, ensuring a fair and informed trading environment for sellers.

One of the major concerns of artisans in the e-commerce landscape is the lack of transparency regarding fees, commissions, and hidden charges. This lack of clarity can lead to frustration and uncertainty, causing many talented creators to hesitate before joining online marketplaces.

AFOMA Marketplace addresses this issue by providing transparent pricing structures and readily accessible information about fees and commissions. Our commitment to openness and honesty fosters trust between the platform and its sellers, encouraging more artisans to join our community with confidence.

Through AFOMA Marketplace’s intuitive dashboard, artisans can monitor their sales, track their earnings, and gain valuable insights into customer preferences. Armed with this knowledge, creators can now make informed decisions, enabling them to optimize their craft and offerings. As a result, they will experience a better and overall success on the platform.

An female artisan working on her craft

Embracing the Decentralized Future

Inspired by the revolutionary Web3 technology, AFOMA Marketplace is building a community driven by decentralization. Our native utility token empowers artisans with ownership, governance, incentives, and rewards, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Decentralization is a fundamental principle of the blockchain era, offering an alternative model to the traditional centralized systems. By adopting Web3 technology, AFOMA Marketplace aims to empower its community of artists and artisans, giving them greater control over the marketplace’s direction and decision-making processes.

Our native utility token serves as the backbone of AFOMA Marketplace’s decentralized ecosystem. Artists and artisans can earn tokens as rewards for their contributions, sales, and active participation in the platform’s governance. These tokens can be used to access exclusive features, vote on platform decisions, and much more.

In addition to empowering creators, AFOMA Marketplace’s decentralized approach also ensures fairness in platform governance. Unlike traditional marketplaces where decisions are made by a select few, our community members have a voice in shaping the future of AFOMA Marketplace. This democratic model fosters a sense of ownership, belonging, and shared responsibility among all participants.

Affordability for Customers

We believe that beauty and artistry should be accessible to all. AFOMA Marketplace bridges the gap between exceptional craftsmanship and affordability, offering customers stunning handmade crafts at reasonable prices.

When people hear the word “artisan,” they often associate it with premium prices. However, at AFOMA Marketplace, we are committed to defying this stereotype. We understand that customers are seeking beautiful and unique creations without breaking the bank.

By connecting artisans directly with customers, we eliminate many traditional overhead costs associated with middlemen, physical stores, and excessive markups. This streamlined approach allows AFOMA Marketplace to offer high-quality, handmade products at competitive prices.

Furthermore, AFOMA Marketplace’s focus on inclusivity means that it welcomes artisans from various backgrounds and regions, each contributing their distinct styles and skills. This diversity ensures that customers have access to a wide range of products, catering to different tastes and budgets.

Fair Compensation for Creators

At AFOMA Marketplace, we value the incredible efforts of artists and artisans. With our unique model, artisans can expect to retain over 90% of the sales revenue, guaranteeing a sustainable and fair income.

One of the most disheartening challenges faced by artisans in conventional marketplaces is the meager compensation they receive for their labor-intensive, one-of-a-kind creations. AFOMA Marketplace seeks to address this disparity by prioritizing fair compensation for its talented community members.

By keeping fees and commissions at a minimum, AFOMA Marketplace ensures that the majority of the revenue generated from each sale goes directly to the creators. This fair distribution of profits empowers artisans to reinvest in their craft, improve their workshops, and enhance their overall livelihoods.

Moreover, AFOMA Marketplace’s transparency measures enable artisans to see exactly how their earnings are calculated, ensuring they understand and appreciate the true value of their work. This level of respect and recognition fosters a sense of pride among creators, encouraging them to continue producing exceptional pieces for their loyal customers.

A male artisan working on pottery

Conclusion – An Artisanal Marketplace for All

The dawn of AFOMA Marketplace heralds a new era for artisans worldwide, uniting goodwill and creativity. By embracing transparency, inclusivity, and decentralization, we can empower creators and enrich global customers’ lives. Together, let’s revolutionize the handicraft sector with a sustainable and fair marketplace for all artisans.

Join us on this remarkable journey of art, culture, and community empowerment – welcome to AFOMA Marketplace!

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Eric Osuorah

Eric Osuorah

Eric Osuorah is a social entrepreneur and founder of the AFOMA Marketplace, a transformative platform that champions fair trade and sustainable income for artisans worldwide.

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