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Curated Artistry: Where Every Piece Tells a Story.

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Discover Cultural Riches: Artisanal Arts and Collectibles Collection Unveiled!

​​Explore a world of artistic treasures in our Artisanal Arts and Collectibles collection. Each piece is a window into creativity and culture, crafted with passion and skill by talented artisans. From captivating paintings that tell stories to unique collectibles that spark conversation, our collection offers diverse artistry and heritage.

Art and Collectibles


Unveil the Artistry: Explore Our Painting Studio's Masterpieces and Transform Your Space with Every Brushstroke!

Welcome to our Painting Studio, where every stroke tells a story, and every canvas is a masterpiece. Our curated collection showcases the diversity of artistic expression, from vibrant abstracts that burst with emotion to serene landscapes that transport you to new worlds.

Each painting is a window into the soul of the artist, created with passion and skill to bring beauty and inspiration into your space. Immerse yourself in a realm where every brushstroke carries the artist's vision, and shop now to discover the perfect painting that not only decorates your walls but also ignites your imagination. Enrich your surroundings, celebrate the art of creation, and embrace the enchanting world of handmade paintings.

Art and Collectibles

Drawings and Illustrations

Dazzling Artistry: A Collection of Unique Drawings, Illustrations, and Sketches

Unique drawings, illustrations, and sketches.

Art and Collectibles

Digital Art

Unleashing Creativity: Exploring the World of Digital Artistry

Artistic creations produced digitally, including digital paintings and illustrations.

Art and Collectibles


Capturing Beauty: Explore Artistic and Collectible Photography Masterpieces

Artistic and collectible photographs captured by photographers.

Art and Collectibles

Textile and Fiber Art

Fiber Elegance: Exploring the Artistry of Handcrafted Textiles

Handcrafted textile and fiber-based artworks like tapestries or textile sculptures.

Art and Collectibles


 Anne-marie Ridderhof
Anne-marie Ridderhof

AI Artist

By freeing artists from the limitations of traditional media, AI art can open up new possibilities for creativity. AFOMA Marketplace is the perfect solution to catalyze this.

 Morin Adesola Fadara
Morin Adesola Fadare

Fashion Designer

Making fashion affordable is not just a slogan but my desire. Partnering with AFOMA Marketplace has helped achieve this.

 Dunmola Abiola
Dunmola Abiola

Fashion Designer

My mission is to connect African kids in diaspora to their culture through everyday clothing. AFOMA Marketplace gives me the platform to attain this.

Michelle Klieber
Michelle Klieber

Greeting Card Maker

AFOMA Marketplace’s affordability is a game-changer! It's like a treasure trove of opportunity, helping me maximize profits effortlessly.



A Marketplace for all Artists & Artisans

Welcome to our global artisanal marketplace, committed to inclusivity and empowering creators worldwide, especially in emerging markets. Decentralization guides us, building trust and transparency for all.

By leveraging Web3 technology and the AFOMA token, we redefine commerce, offering rewards and empowerment and letting artisans shape our ecosystem.

Our core mission: sustainable and fair income for all creators regardless of background. By celebrating creativity, we uplift communities, fostering talent and diversity.

The Problem

Marginalized artisans struggle to access the global market, while others lack fair income due to high fees from online marketplaces.

Our Solution

A marketplace devoid of barriers and high fees for artisans seeking to sell their goods directly to their local community and global market.

Our Promise

We will offer transparency, a sustainable and fair income to all creators. We will promote inclusion, equity and support communities in need.


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Experience The Advantages

Supporting Local Economies

By connecting buyers directly with artisans, we contribute to local economies, empowering small-scale producers and artisans to earn a fair income.

Fair Compensation

Creators receive fair compensation for their craftsmanship, ensuring their skills are valued and rewarded.

Sustainability and Ethics

Choose environmentally friendly and ethically made products, contributing to a more responsible consumer culture.


How can I become a seller on the artisanal marketplace?

What type of products can I sell on the marketplace?

How are transactions processed on the marketplace?

What should I consider about shipping costs for international purchases?

Bringing Hidden Creatives to Light

Illuminating the world of talented artisans, celebrating their unseen masterpieces, and providing a platform for their craftsmanship to shine bright and flourish on the global stage of artistry and innovation.

To create sustainable and fair income for all artists and artisans in the handicraft sector.

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