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A purpose-driven handicraft marketplace built to create opportunities and a fair market access for all creators across the globe.

Enabling the creative economy for the global community

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Maximize Your Profits!

No Shipping Label (Waybill) Fee

No Payment Processing Fee

No Listing Currency Fee

Optional and Affordable Marketing and Advertising Fee

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Our Value Proposition

Borderless Payments

Using cryptocurrency as a remittance option, we can reach marginalized or unbanked creators across the globe.

Cost Savings

Take home 90% on the sale of every product you sell on our marketplace. No hidden costs or complex pricing plans.

Genuinely Handmade

We are a handmade-only marketplace. We choose to empower you, the small business owner.

A Shared Economy

We adopt a purpose-driven business model. We rely on each other’s contribution to mutual prosperity and growth.


We adopt Web3 technology through tokenization to enable trust, shared ownership and transparency.


We will incentivize you for conducting excellent business practices and contributing towards our growth and success.

How it Works

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Join our artisan community - Register, log in, and share your unique brand story and details to create your seller profile!

Showcase Your Creations

Upload your stunning creations with high-quality images and captivating product descriptions. Let your art speak for itself!

Connect with Global Audience

Share your artistry, inspire, and reach hearts across the globe!


Andrea Hildebrand - Owner, Rising Moon Gallery


I trust the team at AFOMA to be the arbiters of my craft online because they are always available to help me directly and personally, and demonstrate a desire to build relationships with their artists.

They show a genuine interest in my work and philosophy of art. They are meeting me where I’m at and supporting me to develop a plan that will work for my business given my particular skills and limitations. And they honour the creative gift of the artist by offering such a fair rate of commission on sales so artists can continue doing what they do.

I’m honoured to be a part of this rare opportunity and can’t wait to see how it grows to serve artists, craftspeople, and the online marketplace.


What payment methods are accepted on the AFOMA marketplace?

Can I track the shipment of my order?

How are transactions processed on the marketplace?

What should I consider about shipping costs for international purchases?

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